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Employment Relationship Problems

We offer advice and support on all aspects relating to employment relationship problems. Employment disputes affect all parties involved and can be both emotionally and financially taxing. Our team will provide sound and experienced advice to you in order to resolve any matter in a timely manner and attain the desired outcome.

We can help you with:

Disciplinary Matters

We provide advice on all relevant aspects of employment disciplinary law and practice, including how to respond to disciplinary processes initiated or allegations made by an employer. We can assist you throughout the entire disciplinary process, ensuring that your rights are protected.

Personal Grievances

Employment relationships can sometimes be difficult. Where employees feel they are being subjected to disadvantage in their employment or have been unjustifiably dismissed, they may have grounds to bring a personal grievance against the employer. We offer advice about whether there are grounds to bring a grievance and how to proceed with one where necessary. We can represent you throughout the process of a personal grievance claim, including writing a claim and negotiating with the employer, right through to settlement. Our skilled team will help to ensure that what can often be a difficult and stressful process is resolved as smoothly and quickly as possible.


We have considerable experience in advising clients regarding mediation. More often than not a personal grievance or a disciplinary issue will end up in mediation and we can represent you and assist you in working towards a positive and constructive consensus. Our services include meeting with you to discuss the relevant issues related to your case, preparing mediation submissions and attending mediation hearings with you as your representative.

Employment Relations Authority and Court Proceedings

We offer advocacy services from the outset of any employment relationship problem right through to its conclusion, which will sometimes involve proceedings in the Employment Relations Authority, the Employment Court and on occasion other Courts up to the Supreme Court. Such proceedings involve a considerable amount of procedural and administrative work and we undertake this in conjunction with the preparation and presentation of clients’ substantive claims. We have proven success and experience in the area of representing employees before the Authority and the courts.

Industrial Action

See ‘Collective Bargaining’.

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