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Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is a specialist employment law firm with a wide range of employer and employee clients. We have acted for employer clients from both the public and private sectors, and for individual employees.

26 October 2016

Last week 3,000 junior doctors went on strike complaining that the hours they work create an unsafe working environment. Non-urgent services were cancelled and the public were urged to visit their GPs rather than the hospital emergency departments. Other medical staff had to provide essential services.

The New Zealand Resident Doctors' Association has been an active union for many years. Some years ago they successfully campaigned for pay rises for junior doctors because of the low returns they received for long hours worked. Now they are campaigning to reduce those long hours. The issue that district health boards are likely to be facing is if junior doctors reduce their time without a reduction in pay, it could be costly to hire the extra staff needed and difficult to recruit them.

The strike raises two important issues. More ...

12 October 2016

With the possible exception of an All Black’s toilet malpractice, no news story of the last couple of weeks has been bigger in New Zealand than the defamation case taken by Jordan Williams against Colin Craig.

For four weeks we have been reading about the colourful details of the relationship between Craig and his former Press Secretary Rachael McGregor, who featured extensively in the High Court trial in Auckland as well as many other well-known New Zealanders.  More ...

28 September 2016

Are we over-watched and over-listened to by those who govern us or employ us?

Wellington City Council now operates closed-circuit television (CCTV) in the central city which is monitored by volunteers and the police.

CCTV operates in many buildings in Wellington, including hospitals supermarket and malls.   More ...

14 September 2016


Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organisations in our country. Volunteering is often admirable, but when does the use of volunteers cross the line between valid engagement and unacceptable exploitation?

When is a person a volunteer and when are they in reality an employee?  More ...

5 September 2016

 Nearly all employers must deal with sensitive employees at one time or another and it is important that they know how to approach such situations.  More...

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is one of only eleven law firms in New Zealand approved to provide employment law services to Government and the public sector.

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