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Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is a specialist employment law firm with a wide range of employer and employee clients. We have acted for employer clients from both the public and private sectors, and for individual employees.

21 December 2016

 Pike River families have protested at the closed coal mine and at Parliament. They want professionals to re-enter the mine to retrieve the remains of their deceased loved ones.

What are the merits of their plea and what impact may health and safety laws have had on the decision not to re-enter?  More ...

20 December 2016

  2016 has been an eventful year and now it’s all but gone. To help you stay on top of developments and prepare you for a successful 2017 we’ve identified the most notable changes in employment law that have taken place this year.  More ...

7 December 2016

In Iceland, women have symbolically stopped working at 2:38 pm, the time during a standard 8 hour day at which Icelandic women say they begin to work for free because of pay inequality. In France, women, along with many men, stopped work to protest at 4:34 pm on 7 November, as for the rest of the year women say they are volunteers.

Our newly appointed Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy recently chaired the Joint Working Group on Pay Equity Principles.  More ...

23 November 2016

Many people, particularly minorities and women, may feel under attack following recent world events.

United States President-elect Donald Trump has recently shown onlookers that repeated sexist comments will not preclude an individual from taking the Oval Office. More ...

16 November 2016

We are pleased to welcome back Senior Associate Sarah Cates who has returned from sabbatical in Colombia, South America.

Sarah spent a year accompanying local human rights advocates and lawyers and carrying out international observation of the human rights situation in Colombia for Peace Brigades International. She has written two articles about her work for Law Talk, in August 2015 and August 2016.

Sarah pictured talking to a human rights advocate and member of AHERAMIGUA, an organisation accompanied by Peace Brigades International

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is one of only eleven law firms in New Zealand approved to provide employment law services to Government and the public sector.

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