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Welcome to Cullen - The Employment Law Firm

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is a specialist employment law firm with a wide range of employer and employee clients. We have acted for employer clients from both the public and private sectors, and for individual employees.

22 June 2016

Our news lately has been dominated by tragic killings. When the reports follow, we often find that a common theme has been the issue of human rights, and the place of migrants in our society.

Recently Jo Cox, a Labour MP from West Yorkshire, was shot at point-blank range and stabbed while she was on her way to meet with her constituents. Jo Cox had been campaigning for Britain to remain part of the European Union. More...

8 June 2016

Most employees are overwhelmingly loyal, objective and trustworthy and do not leak information. When employees discover questionable conduct, which they think is wrong or even illegal, what should they do? More...

25 May 2016

Nicola Thorpe was employed as a temp worker by PWC's London office in reception. When she arrived on her first day, she was told she had to wear shoes with a 5cm to 13cm heel as a matter of policy. Thorpe refused arguing that the demand was discriminatory. She was sent home without pay after refusing to buy a pair of heels. More...

Cullen - The Employment Law Firm is one of only eleven law firms in New Zealand approved to provide employment law services to Government and the public sector.

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